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48 Seconds

Get Pre-Screened In Just 48 Sec

What's hot and what's new? Loans Dito is now RPA enabled! On September 21, Clickerwayne Enterprise fully implemented the use of Robotic Process Automation or RPA on its website with the main goal of providing quicker and faster service to those who are seeking to get a loan.

48 Seconds Is Now All It Takes

Back in the good old days, the turn-around time for the pre-screening process for eligibility to apply for a loan could take from hours to days. Worst comes to worst, it may take up to a week or so, specially if we can't get hold of the loan applicant on the phone. With the newly installed automation on Loans Dito, the process now is much easier and faster. No more wait time! Personal Loan applicants can get their eligibility to apply pre-screening result in just less than 48 seconds.

Sweetie - The Pinoy Talking Assistive Loan Bot

Get ready to meet our Pinoy Talking Assistive Loan Bot --- Sweetie (for Sweet Technology). A soon as the applicants log in to Loans Dito Web App, a short welcome greeting in text will be immediately displayed. Loan applicants or users have the option to hear what Sweetie has to say by just pressing the "Let Sweetie Talk" button. She speaks Filipino and English. One can easily tell that she's a Pinoy because of the accent she has when speaking in english.

This bot is only designed to handle few specific tasks and they are as follow:

  • She does the Pre-Screening Process eligibility to apply for loan.
  • Qualified-To-Apply applicants are immediately provided the list of banks and/or lending companies where Loans Dito can transmit to process their application.
  • Can determine if the client is within the serviceable area of the financial institution (still limited to some selected regions and banks/financing/lending companies...up for further development)
  • Calls the client maam/sir + first name and will greet magandang umaga, hapon or gabi depending on the time of the day.
  • Agent-client call scheduling
  • And other back-end processes.

.... still up for more developments.

Live Agent Intervention Still A Must

Live Agent intervention will come in to place once the loan applicant have fully completed the first two steps. Bot Sweetie will then set the client for an agent Call Out and release data for agent access. Of course, review and verification processes are still needed to be manually done. Loans Dito authorized agents can view the applicants data via Clickerwayne Enterprise self-hosted Call Center System (Cli_EntSystems). the loan applicant can either expect a call from either of these phone numbers: 1.888.94.WAYNE or 63.905.24.WAYNE. Outbound SMS: LoansDito.

Absolutely Free Services! website and its services, including the use of our newly installed RPA, are totally at NO COST AT ALL. and its virtual affiliates and agents DO NOT COLLECT NOR CHARGE ANY KIND OF FEES.