Who is is a marketing and lead generation portal powered and hosted by Clickerwayne Enterprise for loans offered by local banks and financing companies in the Philippine and the US.

Is this a legit website? is a network website of Clickerwayne Enterprise, a duly registered business entity under the Department of Trade and Industry since April 2012. You may visit DTI’s website to check our business registration.

Are you a bank or lending company?

Neither nor Clickerwayne Enterprise is a bank or a lending company. is a marketing and lead generation portal powered and hosted by Clickerwayne Enterprise for loans offered by Philippine local banks and financing companies.

Where is your office located at?

Our registered business address is at Country Drive, Country Homes, City Of Binan, Laguna 4024 Philippines. This same address can be found on the contact us page of website.

Can I walk-in to your office to personally apply for a loan?

At this point of time we are only able accommodate loan applications submitted either thru our website or our accredited field loan consultants.

How much do you charge to accept my loan application?

None. or Clickerwayne Enterprise do not charge any fees ever. We can online accept loan applications. No payment of any fees nor loan amortization can be made to and/or accepted by nor Clickerwayne Enterprise and its employees, representatives and accredited field loan consultants from all loan applicants.

What loans do you offer?

We accept and process applications for personal, auto, seaman’s, doctor’s and business loans.

How much is the interest rate?

Interest rate varies and depends on the term and approving bank or financing company. We have a smart Personal Loan Calculator installed on our website that can help you decide.

How do I apply for a loan?

Just simply fill-out our online loan application form and submit all documentary requirements.

Can you send me details of your loan?

For loan details and to apply , please feel free to click on the Loans tab from the main menu of our website.

How long does it take to process my loan application?

It would only take 5 – 7 banking days if all information and documentary requirements are completely satisfied. The process, however, may also take longer under such circumstances that the applicant cannot be contacted nor able to take the C.I. call and among other factors.

How would I know the status of my loan application?

You can always get the status of your loan application by logging on to and click on “Loan Application Status” tab.

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