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Loans Dito is not a bank or a lending company. It is your one-stop shop for loans offered by top banks and lending companies in the Philippines. Loans Dito will assist you get the cash you need at no charge at all. Not a single penny!

We made everything as easy as possible for you. Loans Dito now uses Robotic Process Automation or RPA for quicker and faster service. Here is a step-by-step process on how to apply for a loan:

How To Apply For A Loan?

Simply log on to Choose the loan that suits you best then click on Apply.

Fill-out the sign-sign up form. Once you are done and have submitted the online sign-up form for loan you will receive an email and a SMS with your one-time access code.

Activate your account to log in. Once you are logged in, you will be assisted by our Pinoy Talking Assistive Loan Bot -- Sweetie. Few easy questions will be asked by Sweetie. It only takes less than 48 seconds to get your Pre-Screening Result for eligibility to apply for a loan.

After you passed the pre-screening process, Loans Dito Loan Bot will walk you through to the initial step for your loan application. Provide few basic details and upload the 3 basic Requirements needed and Sweetie will tell you the "matches" or as to how or many banks and lending companies that your loan application can be processed.

Human intervention will come into play once you have uploaded the loan application forms. A representative will be assigned to handle your application and you will be scheduled for a VerID call. Manual verification is still needed since Sweetie is not yet capable to read off the data from the uploaded image documents. Once this part is done your application will then be transmitted to the corresponding financial institutions that you prefer to have your loan application be processed.

You can monitor the progress of your loan application 24/7 using by simply logging in to your LoansDito Web App account. You can view any notes placed by the loan representative placed on your account and you can send a message directly to your assigned loan representative using the "Post Remark" form on the web app.

What Benefits Do I Get?

As mentioned, is your one-stop shop for Loans In The Philippines. It's quicker and faster way to apply for a loan. You will get the convenience of just applying to multiple banks and lending companies in just one sitting with Loans Dito.

Avoid the hassle of reproducing your documents multiple times.

Get updates and monitor the progress of your loan application with just one app.

Is There A Charge For Using LoansDito Service website and its services are absolutely for FREE. and its agents and affiliates DO NOT collect or charge any kind of fees.